Kent LHS5 Ladies Handmade Bristle Brush

Sale price$399.00


Simply a stunning hair brush.

Totally handmade,the LHS5 is made from Satinwood.

It can take as many as 12 different people to build just one of these brushes.

The Indian bristle is meticulously stitched into the brush by hand using an age old method known as hand drawing.

This brush is a perfect domed brush suitable for people with medium to long thick hair.

The brush is housed in a fabulous silk lined red presentation case.

This brush is featured on the program 'How its Made'


Cleaning Bristle Brushes.

Regularly remove loose hair from the tufts by inserting a Kent hair brush cleaner (LPC2) or a comb at the side of the brush and lift the old hair away. Occasionally, using warm mild soapy water, place only the bristles in the water, trying not to submerge the wood of the brush as this will damage the wood. Never use ammonia or harsh detergents. Finally, gently wipe dry with a clean towel. Allow to dry naturally ensuring the bristles are face down and away from sunlight, radiators, hairdryers or any artificial heat.

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